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13.12.2011 - 20:24
The Lord of the Rings Online dodatek nr 5: The Prince of Rohan już wkrótce

Firma Turbine zapowiedziała wypuszczenie kolejnego dodatku do Drużyny Pierścienia.
Dodatek ma obfitować w nowe misje, które doprowadzą graczy do ataku na twierdzę Sarumana, a na nawet pozwolą najlepszym zmierzyć się z nim samym.
LOTRO jak zwykle przyciągnie wielu wielbicieli gatunku, a i pewnie TVN przypomni sobie, że trzeba na nowo pokazać reklamy przerywane trylogią Władcy Pierścienia.

Dodał: Tomasz.Stalmach

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Guest written : 06.10.2013 - 14:22
Okay listened to this beofre heading to bed its sad I just wrote a blog on guild airships on that site but I left, no amount of words can express right now how disapointed in MMO voices I am right now. If someone has an issue with their site being represented in a bad light you speak with the creator of the site try to come to an agreement. Having them not come man to man to Ryan and pull the sneaky low down tactic of trying to shut this site down burns me up. How dare they it was cowardly and childish and not indicative of a site I wish to represent my thought process.And LOL your clicking on Kalari Ryan? hehe ^_^ im glad to see your prespective on this to and im definitely in your guys corner for this. Will be hitting Ryan's show today when im done running errands. http://gfwoyw.com [url=http://uysrlmsy.com]uysrlmsy[/url] [link=http://ofjuobyr.com]ofjuobyr[/link]
Guest written : 05.10.2013 - 18:48
Whats with the hate?? I saw The Hobbit today and it was fucking <a href="http://ftvpcgjkpe.com">awmose</a> i have not seen a better film in a while and 48 fps looks fucked up and ruins the experience??? Dafuq!? I watched it in 48fps and i didnt notice a god damn difference!ďťż
Guest written : 05.10.2013 - 10:28
The last thing I want is for people to feel like MMOV is a place where you caonnt express your opinion. That ship has sailed.Dont get me wrong, Yak's posts may have been slightly aggressive, or even personal, but to remove it from the site completely? and to top it all off you FILE COPYRIGHT WITHOUT WARNING on the whole mmosmacktalk domain, which has really has nothing to do with the domain owner, Ryan. Your actions of deleting posts and filing copyright, brings me to one conclusion, that you people at Mmovoices are spineless scum, that cant handle any kind of views contradicting your own. Please get a backbone, it is very apparent that you guys over at mmovoices have no care or respect for other peoples hard work. Whether it comes to other peoples sites or just games in general. Personally, I hope your site dies and I hope people realise how full of shit Mmovoices really is. Please say something about Darkfall, so I can come over and skullfuck your site.H.Slayer http://fueronz.com [url=http://oyqdxpbvko.com]oyqdxpbvko[/url] [link=http://nqrqzu.com]nqrqzu[/link]
Guest written : 03.10.2013 - 10:36
! Even more important than gear <a href="http://wpukxkayojf.com">thgouh</a> is precision and follow through. Gear is secondary to a group that is well lead and works as a unit. For me, gear plays a significant role in my play style. Since I pretty much only Raid, I want any advantage I can get in the hopes of guild progression.3. Is it fair if you paid ten points for an item that someone else paid five points for two months later? Why or why not?I'll keep this simple ..Of course it is fair! As in real life, items do not stay the same price forever. It is all about timing. Learn to get over it! Next question .4. When you make a decision to roll or spend points on loot is it an impulse or have you carefully planned what you wanted?Honestly, I already know what piece I need to concentrate on that is due for an upgrade. It is as simple as that. I bring both of them up on my screen and compare side by side, examining the pros and cons. After I indicate that I would like to roll/bid on the item, I usually see who else is bidding and try to inspect them quickly to see if the said piece is a bigger upgrade. You kind of have to be quick with this <a href="http://wpukxkayojf.com">thgouh</a>t process but honestly, it makes the most sense in a guild as tight as mine. 5. Do you trust other players to award loot fairly or do you need to see some sort of tracking metric?I honestly consider it a favor that they are looking up points etc. to determine loot distribution. More credit should be given to these people. Sure some mistakes are made here and there bit in the grand scheme of things, it is the most efficient process in my view. Trust and fairness is rarely questioned in my guild. LOL, at times ..our guildmates ask that another person receive the drop because they are most deserving or have the most need. It is a beautiful thing!6. Do you form a (meta)physical attachment to a particular item or will you part with it easily? Why or why not? I'd be lying if I did not admire the look of an item so in that sense, yes I guess there is a bit of an attachment there. Then reality of a clear upgrade sets in which trumps my inner feminine side for shiny things
Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 08:22
Hey man, great cast. Kudos to you and Ryan.Anyway, just wanted to throw it out that I am very hbmelud by your apology on air. I guess something about the previous episode set me off (anger breeds more anger?) and having time now separating listening to it and my public apology a few days back has mellowed me and realize something:In an attempt to point out that you can sometimes be unnecessarily confrontational, I myself was extremely unnecessarily confrontational. And I wanted to apologize again for that.So keep up the good fight Yak! I may have gotten confused about your style once and reacted badly but its not a mistake I'll be making again!And regarding the utterly ridiculous claims of copyrighting infringement and now this equally boggling banning/suspension of Sylvurdragon on their site, I hope you and Ryan COMPLETELY DESTROY their reputation with this info brought public. Serves em right, let them have their circle jerk.


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