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01.11.2012 - 12:20
Shot Online - Remont produkcji

Studio GamesCampus wprowadziło niedawno ogromną aktualizację do swojej produkcji pod tytułem Shot Online, która dokonała znaczących zmian w interfejsie gry, czyniąc go znacznie bardziej przejrzystym, a także wprowadziła zupełnie nowy content, jak na przykład nową dzielnicę miasta. Należy też zwrócić uwagę na ulepszenie systemów dźwięku oraz animacji postaci.

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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 15:55
Personally I'm glad about this. I'm a founder and<a href="http://cvlflrbnknu.com"> peyald</a> lotro constantly since launch, but RoR was the breaking point for me. I tried it in beta and truly hate MC. It's a pure gimmick. It's clunky, laggy and totally pointless. The only reason I can see for it was to introduce more grind items, the horse and the LI bridle. Now it seems that they are going to slap the people who actually went to the bother of grinding up their mount and bridles by not expanding on the system. For me that's a good thing, just let it die and get on with making better end game content. A few daily quests are NOT end game content, nor are a few 3-man instances that have nothing to do with the region we're in. They would have made a lot more people happy if they;d just dropped the MC idea and spent the valuable dev time on creating new and varied end game instances. That is what keeps people playing the game after they hit level cap. The number of people that I personally know who have stopped playing lotro at all (people like myself who have<a href="http://cvlflrbnknu.com"> peyald</a> for years) is scary. MC is another indication that the devs have no idea about where they want to take the game or how to nurture the interest of the people who play it. They would be far better off revamping the kinship system. That would help hold kins together better through the slack times between expansions. The fact that they penalised people for grouping and encourage ad-hoc grouping through open tapping makes me a very sad person. It's an MMO, you're not supposed to solo it all.
Guest written : 01.10.2013 - 11:44
You know, I've never heard of this game before but I think I'm going to give it a shot. I could see<a href="http://jgcxix.com"> mylesf</a> enjoying the simple but addictive combat the same way you describe. Plus, playing from the phone is always nice. It'd be nice if more AAA MMOs offered mobile ability, even if it was something as small as chat or access to an auction house. I work in banking at JP Morgan Chase, formally Washington Mutual. Their gameplan for ensuring customer loyalty was to make themselves available every possible way. The idea behind this was that the more ways they hook their customer (and the more accounts they have, which for MMOs I imagine would correlate to how accessible it is at all times) the harder it will be for them to switch to another bank. There are iPhone apps for games like WoW but I can't help but think MMO companies would benefit from releasing official software to help build that connection with the player.
Guest written : 30.09.2013 - 21:27
I've contacted Eric from Lotro Roster and he told me c3a2e282acc593You will have to ask that quoiestn to Codemasters. LOTRoster relies on the XML feeds provided by Turbine through data.lotro.com. Unfortunately, the European side of LOTRO doesn't provide such data feeds, so there's nothing I can do"


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