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30.10.2012 - 13:38
Darkfall Unholy Wars - DeadEye

Darkfall Unholy Wars to MMORPG osadzony w mrocznym uniwersum fantasy, które pełne jest unikatowych lokacji, zamieszkujących je istot, a także różnorakich klas postaci oddanych do dyspozycji gracza. Jedną z nich jest tytułowy Deadeye – mistrz łuku specjalizujący się w zadawaniu sporych obrażeń jednemu celowi lub zwalczaniu niewielkich grupek wrogów.



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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 15:56
True, it has been shown with some MMO's that they can be niche and profitable, an <a href="http://klipdyuxiq.com">amnziag</a> story being Eve-Online if you look at it's start and rise to where it is now.Beyond that you do have other MMO's that never quite took off, but managed to still pull in a respectable profit.Still, there's a lot of overlap in the market coming 2008 with PvP, and the fantasy genre.. They're all pulling from the same pool of players that were once starved for a solid PvP game with most settling for WoW the last couple of years.Upcoming MMO's like Darkfall concern me that they're likely to get passed by. At a minimum they will want to pull in around 100,000 subscribers, and that's no small feat either.I'm really curious to see what 38 Studios is up to as well, but they've got at least what? another 2 years easy to keep working on their title before release.-DR / Scott
Guest written : 01.10.2013 - 11:44
maybe Darkfall is for players who are burnt out on mmos. I buy that in fact Darkfall has made all other mmos <a href="http://ptvxcghwnmq.com">sipmle</a> and boring. Full loot is awesome, and if you actually play darkfall, you wouldnt have a problem with it. Full loot in EQ1 is death, but in DFO it's nothing. RE the my 3 month comment if that was about EVE the way eve was described is that a player cant do fun shit for 3 months (add on top of that the lack of action as I understand it). This is NOT the same in darkfall. Taking these 2 snippets (Val Roth and then mine) dont fit or prove anything. I might have to have you repeat all this stuff to me in a cast so I can dismantle it. It is fair to say that you dont want 60 macros, macros at all, full loot, etc. Hearing your regurg of things you arent familiar with definitely dont do dfo justice we'll have to cast some time BTW, I do agree dfo isnt for everybody, but I also think not enough people have actually tried it, and those who have, have not actually played it. Logging on and seeing some shit doesnt qualify. All I can say is that the biggest quester, pve dude I know loves darkfall.Talk to you later!
Guest written : 30.09.2013 - 21:41
i have played wow for nealry a year i youst to be outgoing with my friends all the time but when i started to play it and leveled i became more and more obsessed with leveling to 80 and having the best gear and earning money on it i must say this is very very addictive! the only reason i stopped is because my pc broke down im gonna log back on soon but im gonna vowl to not play it as long and just play it for 1 hour or so but i find that when i play the game i end up playing for hours on end i hardly got any sleep but i dont think blizzard should be sued 4 this the person who commited suicide had nothing to do with wow but if you have never played it i warn u not to play it either it is like a drug that pulls u in!


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