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26.09.2012 - 13:58
Luvinia Online - Pierwsza rocznica

Luvinia Online niedawno przekroczyła rok swojej działalności, tak więc ekipa gry postanowiła wprowadzić w związku z tym nową aktualizację zawierającą szereg zmian oraz nowych rzeczy dla graczy, jak na przykład zwiększony maksymalny poziom doświadczenia, trochę świeżych zadań do wykonania, a nawet system małżeństw.


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Guest written : 01.10.2013 - 14:53
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Guest written : 01.10.2013 - 11:44
Professer,One of the beauties of MO is the <a href="http://kqnlliosil.com">reveailtly</a> short amount of time it takes to get a functioning character. The points for abilities are capped and a single toon can really only do one thing really well (being a jack of all trades or hybrid can also be fun, but will mean compromising something). You will find yourself leveling naturally towards what you want, if you do the things you intend to do, related activities that build connected attributes (for example chopping wood or mining will increase your strength and constitution), and read the necessary books as you can. Many of these activities can also be performed AFK or while you play another game, so you can level while playing Lineage II. Though it's never entirely safe in Nave and you may die while AFK :b and you will occasionally have to replace a broken pickaxe . All of this will also be sped up by having useful support characters, each account gets 3 so something like: Fighter/tamer (Hunter) -> Butcher -> ArmourcrafterFighter/tamer (Hunter) -> Butcher -> CookArcher/tamer (hunter) -> Butcher -> BowcrafterFighter -> Miner/refiner -> weaponsmithArcher -> Woodcutter -> BowcrafterNone of these combos will give you everything so you will have to negotiate with other players at some point. There are always people in towns but the easiest way is to join a guild, which is usually not very hard, especially at the moment as there seem to be a lot of new people and small guilds around and starting up. I've been playing for less than 2 months and I have a brand new guild with 5 players (separate people, minimum 3 toons each) and a guild house. That was little to no rushing, I spent the first month just trying things out on my own, I could have done it much faster. Hope that helps.
Guest written : 30.09.2013 - 21:40
Love the game Forges of the Empires. But it has a real bad bug. sometimes there's no prloebm. But lately, if your not watching it close, everything spoils.real hassle spending a lot of time and some money, just to have nothinfg to show for it. Any i can try or just wait for a fix.THX, I Realy like this game.


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