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27.05.2012 - 21:31
Oficjalna data wydania Runes Of Magic: Fires of Shadowforge!

Nowe informacje na temat aktualizacji do Runes Of magic, zatytułowej Fires of Shadowforge zostały ujawnionę. Data wydania aktualizacja to 12 czerwca bierzącego roku.

Update dodaje do gry całkowicie nową rasę: Krasnoludów. Lokacją startową tej rasy będzie "Yrvandis Hollows" w Królestwie Taffrock, zawierająca pełną wyzwań instancjęo nazwie "Outskirts of Taffrock".

Stolica Taffrock łączy pięc gółwnych dystryktyów: Dystryk Administracyjny, Rzemieślniczy, Arena, Targ oraz Dystrykt Wydobywczy. Boss który czeka na końcu wspomnianej wcześniej instancji nazywać się będzie "Dark Gargoygolem" i schowany będzie z innymi niemilcami w podziemiach Kranoludziego miasta.



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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 23:47
One reason why class chnage seems like a heresy might come from the past. In D&D, it was assumed that your level 1 character trained a long time in order to get to the point that you were even capable of being considered first level. Most commoners were level 0 and significantly weaker than you were. Training your level in 1st edition AD&D was supposed to take 1-4 weeks. Training in a profession was supposed to be a long and arduous task, so setting it aside lightly seems wrong. Not that this applies anymore, but I think that might be one reason some old-timers don't like it.Personally, I prefer skill-based systems. Lots of flexibility. Harder to balance, sure, but that's what you get a good designer for. http://ektmeu.com [url=http://fxnxov.com]fxnxov[/url] [link=http://dvsxvic.com]dvsxvic[/link]
Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 09:48
Cryptic's MMOs (CO, STO) and Guild Wars identify pylears via handle. In GW all alts are also in the same guild automatically.Regarding class switching: Instinctively I am against that, but my stance has been wavering for quite a while. Classes that can serve all three roles of the trinity are absolutely en-vogue in WoW, even more so since dual specs arrived. This is already some kind of class change.But what if a fragile caster suddenly comes back from city dual wielding two giant-sized two-handed hammers? Instinctively I am about to cry: No, you can'T do that because and then I really have to wonder why I am opposed to it.I did it in Ultima Online. My main char was swordsman, fencer, bard, lumberjack/axeman, fencer This game had no classes, only skills/attributes/abilities. And well, I always had to start training new abilities from scratch.So I must say, I am rather for systems that allow class changes. But I have doubts they work out too well in the contemporary EQ/WoW mold of MMOs. You already mentioned the gear thing, but this could be overcome through buying new basic gear. Still, it would work much better if gear in general would be less class specific and rather role specific. I.e. Warriors could make use of weapons, but mages would rather want free hands for casting.Then there are also things like class quests and certain flightpaths (Moonglade for Druids e.g.). I think there are some problems for sure, but they could be overcome.I think it is just not wanted from the developers. They rather want us to play and pay one more month, to level the new char. But I could see free class change as part of the design in the form of pick your abilities like in Ultima Online in future MMOs. http://llttwwxjpe.com [url=http://cedhyf.com]cedhyf[/url] [link=http://wbylndekkd.com]wbylndekkd[/link]
Guest written : 01.10.2013 - 00:38
*Waves* I ran into Shawn from Massively last night. He rerolled on Artemus after we chteatd a bit in email. I'm still having fun but man I'm leveling so slow! I get sidetracked so easily in this game. Plus the crafting is ala EQ2 so harvesting and pre-combines take a chunk of time. Even that's not boring because it's auto-pilot and zone chat is usually jumping and friendly. If you're on Artemus let me know. I can come by and buff ya. P.S. the HUD is awkward and bothersome. Just visit the EU customization forums and pick up a couple of mods to reskin the thing. A few minimalist versions are out there.


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