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08.05.2012 - 18:37
Dwa konkursy w Requiem!

Gravity Interactive, wydawca wielu ekscytyujących MMO, rozpoczyna dzisiaj jednocześnie dwa konkursy dla przeglądarkowej wersji swojego mrocznego MMO - Requiem. Zarówny nowi gracze, jaki i starzy wyjadacze mogą wygrać wspaniałe nagrody już na oficjalnej stronie.

Niezależnie od tego czy zaczynasz grę nową postacią, czy wracasz pograć już stworzoną. Gravity ma dla Ciebie kilka niespodzianek. Wszyscy użytkownicy dostaną bonus 40% więcej doświadczenia gdy zalogują się do gry przez przeglądarkową wersję, lub zwykłą. Użyj tego bonusu by podbudować swoją postać na konkurs PvP, wk którym do wygrania są 3 gifty cardy na stronę Amazon.com, każda o wartości $100.

Jeśli postanowiłeś wrócić do gry bo dłiższej przerwie, Gravitiy Interactive powita Cię z otwartymi ramionami. Udaj się na polwoanie w lokacji "Nigtmare Crescent" by zdobyć ingrediencje potrzebne to stworzenia nowego Nightare Accessory Set. Znajdź od dwóch do ośmiu tych składników by mieć szansę na wygranie różnych nagród, takich jak chociażby WarpPoints (waluta kupowana za prawdziwe pieniądze) lub inne rzeczy do wykorzystania w grze!

Wszsycy gracze powinnie mieć oczy dookoła głowy szukając GMów podczas eventu Hide and Seek. Jest to po prostu zabawa w chowanego. Jeśli znajdziesz wspomnianego mistrza gry zrób screenshot'a i umieśc go na oficjalnej stronie gry na Facebooku.

Można wygrać 500 WP i 5 Gift Boxów!

Na koneic dołącz razem z trzema kumplami do turnieju 4vs4, dostępnego dla wszystkich graczy od 69 poziomu wzwyż!

Co sądzicie o tych konkursach i nagrodach? Weźmiecie w nich udział? Piszcie w komentarzach!


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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 16:28
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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 09:49
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Guest written : 01.10.2013 - 11:58
, show me the source. Sure, I am<a href="http://gnuzmxjbp.com"> cionmg</a> off aggressive but doesne2€™t everyone do so in a friendly debate? No. Perhaps in some circles yes. However not all people feel that aggressive tones are ok in a debate. You may not feel you were being aggressive, but you are not everyone else. You can't assume others are not offended by things just cause you aren't. Friendly debates usually contain respect and understanding that the opposing views may differ from your own. Something you both failed to do. I am not personally attacking or all or even close. You may not think so, but the fact is you called her post an article of lies and told her you have not done your research and have no idea what you are talking about in regards to this game. These are statements that are judgmental, directed to her personally, and are understandably taken personally. Id feel the same way if you called me out in this manner. Or was Yak wrong and this site is about Rainbows and Unicorns. Here you are deviating from the post topic and now beginning to use derogatory phrases about the site on which you are posting. MMOV is about respectful debates between adults. Insulting the site fails to come close to the sites standards for which you agreed to when joining.You asked for the sources and she gave them to you. Sure they were not the specifics that you were looking for, but the information is there. In the end this was a difference of opinion that got way out of hand from both sides. In your other podcast in response to the issue, you did little to prove points other than degrade your argument with childish insults. Which is a shame cause I think you had a point before taking that path. Im not condoning how it was handled after the removal process. What I am saying is that in this argument that Yak can't feign innocent in how this played out. Yak has on several occasion used aggressive and sometimes offensive tactics in his posts. It has been addressed, and unfortunately ignored. Do I think Yak's comments were out of line? Not entirely. I think in the past that he has been much more out of line. However these comments do have an aggressive and disrespectful tone. You can't claim they don't. The site wasn't meant for you. Not trying to be judgmental, its just a fact. I am sure you understand that and would agree.Both sides really degraded such a small thing into a total shit show.Also btw, MMOVoices isn't for profit. The ads are from the people that host the site on the Ning networks.Anyway, this was a much better representation of your side of the argument. I really couldn't even pull anything decent from that last one lol. Gotta do what you gotta do I guess.Respectfully,Gavin
Guest written : 01.10.2013 - 01:16
Blog InfoGiełda.pl Posted in Giełda Tags: 2012, konkursf3w, kicieweń, lista, rejestracji Muammar Kaddafi był najbogatszym człowiekiem świata. Inni dyktatorzy niewiele gorsi jak wielkie są ich majątki? You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.


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