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11.04.2012 - 16:28
Beta Planetside 2 w PC GAMER

W czasopiśmie PC Gamer znajdziemy wywiad prosto z San Diego, w którym redakcja rozmawia z zespołem pracującym nad grą. Dane nam będzie również ujrzeć artworki ze świata Planetside 2.

Gwożdziem programu jest jednak klucz do wcześniejszej bety, który otrzyma każdy posiadacz nowego numeru.

Tego typu akcje przypominają nam, że słowo pisane jeszcze nie umarło, ludzie chcą czytać a jedynie potrzebują czasem małej zachęty.

A o to link do oficjalnej strony PC Gamera, jeżeli na dostępie do bety bardzo wam zależy, może znajdziecie jakiś sposób na zakup własnego egzemplarza.

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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 23:42
Like Morphy, I am almost alyaws playing Heavy though I use the Ursa instead of the Flare. It has all the same characteristics (even damage), but is more accurate over longer ranges. I find the LMGs handle like a tank in treacle (particularly with a 4x Scope or more) so rarely find them useful at close range with Grip + Compensator. Any enemy worth his salt will be wiggling around and will generally take you.Surprisingly this makes enemy Heavies the easiest kills as a Heavy. As they have the instinct to stand still to steady their aim and rely on their class ability Shields to see them through.I did pick up the SF for my Engineer though and it is possibly the perfect weapon for the class. As VH said, so versatile and perfect for a class that usually isn't on the very front of the line. http://kryldqdegbz.com [url=http://rhqsillgcr.com]rhqsillgcr[/url] [link=http://ibqiujnv.com]ibqiujnv[/link]
Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 16:17
BraxkedrenOctober 20, 2012I hope they realize what was so <a href="http://okeasdspk.com">poalpur</a> about EQ, in so many different ways about EQ that makes so many of us older gamers that played miss it so much.It was a huge world. Sure it had zones but, like WoW, entire huge tracts of land encompassed this. Dungeons were not instanced off. I could follow, and often did, higher levels on some of the major dragon runs.World events were epic. The Ring War, to this day, still one of my most memorable moments about the game and i wasn't even there to get anything from it besides the fact that I went to watch it.I also remember a Halloween event on Kane Bayle where, as a Druid, I ported some people to Southern RO and as soon as we loaded in, Werewolves were chasing us like crazy. It was so much fun do to it be so random. The Devs would jump in and interact all the time in so many ways.Here's hoping the good hope
Guest written : 30.09.2013 - 22:52
Still listening to the poacdst but thought I'd comment on some of the bits so far.I must be the uber casual player reffered to with GW2 as I've had it since near launch and still not at 80 (or even 70). I also think that looking at GW2 as a traditional MMO is wrong, it doesn't matter if people finish the game, they can go away for a month or 2 then come back when there is new content again (in a similar way to DLC in a non-MMO game). Hopefully they'll drop a few $/a3/€/etc. on Gems but just getting people to come back again will work, especially if they bring someone with them.Also, I never finished Final Fantasy 13, done a bit in the open world section, but haven't found the time to go back and finish it.Comics, I'm really interested in the storylines BUT the price of following them seems quite expensive which is why I usually avoid them, I feel I get much better value from other media .


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