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15.03.2012 - 20:51
Seven Souls Online – otwarte beta testy rozpoczęte!

NEOWIZ GAMES zaprasza wszystkich graczy do rozpoczęcia przygody z Seven Souls Online.
Akkadia, fantastyczny świat podzielony na strefy zwane Dragonscale Valley, czeka na Twe przybycie.
Otwarte beta testy z czterdziesto-poziomowym limitem postaci i rozbudowanym systemem PvP oraz pełną epickich bitew, rozgrywką, będzie łakomym kąskiem dla wygłodniałych pożeraczy MMORPGów.

Wybierz swoją postać z trzech dostępnych klas i dobądź swojej myszki, aby ocalić świat przed jakimś potwornie potwornym potworem.

Dodał: Tomasz.Stalmach

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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 16:21
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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 09:42
1. When you are awarded a piece of gear do you feel it is a rarewd or something you have won? Why or why not?When loot is awarded I feel that it is something that I have earned, it’s not necessarily a rarewd, or something I have won. For example, right now I have my sights set on a specific item in which I know where it drops and which boss drops it so I’m biding my time, accumulating points so that I can get it. Some people may say that this would be considered point hoarding, but all in all the item I am waiting for is my weakest spot so I don’t consider it that way.2. What purpose does loot serve in your MMORPG experience? How important is it to your play style? Why?In an MMORPG loot serves two major purposes, the first is to help you achieve more in the game or to experience the game in new ways. The second for some people loot can be a cash flow for the game. I myself am a mixture of the two, if I am doing a dungeon with a P.U.G. and then something drops that I “need” then I roll need on it. If everyone else rolls greed then I roll greed and may the highest roll win.3. Is it fair if you paid ten points for an item that someone else paid five points for two months later? Why or why not?Absolutely, when a zone is first explored then the loot is usually far much better than you have seen before so you’re charged ten points. Then two months later more content is added and even better gear has been added with it, most guilds will still do the old content along with the new content so that everyone can get geared up, when that happens if the same item that you got 2 months earlier drops again, and better loot has already been found, then the older loot should be dropped.4. When you make a decision to roll or spend points on loot is it an impulse or have you carefully planned what you wanted?I plan my loot decisions most of the time, I will occasionally go on a “ooh I want that” spree. I have been more conscientious toward my guild mates to make sure that anything I roll on is an upgrade and not a “side” grade.5. Do you trust other players to award loot fairly or do you need to see some sort of tracking metric?When it comes to guild raiding I trust the officers to make the right call, I have no doubts that they will not cheat or fudge to show favoritism toward any individual. Outside of the guild, I would prefer to see some sort of tracking, simply because I do not know them like I know the people in my guild.6. Do you form a (meta)physical attachment to a particular item or will you part with it easily? Why or why not?Most items are just that, items. They have stats on them which are the most anticipated things that I look at, however I do like the asthetic feel to some gear over others but we have a wardrobe for that so that I can keep the gear that “looks better” and hide the hideous but great stat gear. http://nluwupneiqo.com [url=http://alattbyrgi.com]alattbyrgi[/url] [link=http://xlwgtx.com]xlwgtx[/link]
Guest written : 01.10.2013 - 00:44
I want total transparency from loot ssmetys. Nothing else is acceptable. I also think that total transparency helps protect the officers from accusations of unfair bias, and it means that raiders can help with corrections when loot officers make mistakes (which happens, due to them being human.)


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