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MMORPG Po polsku Przeglądarkowe Strzelanki Sport Strategie
17.02.2012 - 16:52
WAFKU - twórcy opowiadają o PvP

Dodał: Tomasz.Stalmach

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Guest written : 01.10.2013 - 06:34
Hi Suricata,First off, your maps for STO (both ships and galaxy) are AWESOME. It's so nice and has such a StarTrek feel to them that I acllauty tought they were official maps from Cryptic, at first.Now, I guess you've got some work ahead of you with the Season 2.0 coming up, with those new ships.The reason I'm writing to you is to mention that the science console box, where you give out info about what console affects what skill, is not complete. I'm guessing you're already aware about this, but wanted to make sure.I understand that this chart, on its own, is already a lot of work, so I can give you a hand to complete this part more accurately.@SchizoJr


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