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Battlestar Galactica

Informacje o grze

Data wydania:
Wydawca: Bigpoint
Kategoria: Przeglądarkowe, Strategie
Język: Polski
PvP: No

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Opis gry

Gra przeglądarkowa która wielbiciele SF wynieśli na ołtarze chwały, niektórzy kochają tą grę ze względu na to że jest bardzo dobrze zbudowana i posiada piękna grafikę. Inni poważają grę za to iż uwielbiają serial o tej samej nazwie.

Gra przedstawia bezustanna walkę o hegemonie we wszechświecie która toczy się między ludźmi a cyklonami. W tej produkcji nie ma miejsca na nudę, zapewniają to bardzo oryginalne i zacięte pojedynki lub przemierzanie kosmosu.

Battlestar Galactica to innowacja w grach na przeglądarkę każdy gracz uwielbia ja za co innego, niewielu gracza nie przypadła ona do gustu. A wy ? Co o niej sądzicie ?


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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 16:20
So yeah, Starbuck's viper is all shiny and new. Is it a Cylon? CAN VIPERS RESURRECT? OH GOD if they opened it up would they find blood and<a href="http://qfbuadozoa.com"> tuisse</a> inside I AM WILLING TO BElIEVE ANYTHING AT THIS POINT. EVEN THOUGH I HAVE SEEN THE SHOW ALREADY I AM STILL NOT PREPARED. ALSO I FORGOT A LOT OF STUFF. And then Tigh's fears about becoming Boomer rear their heads. Even though Tigh is made of pure awesome and has DECIDED to side with the humans no matter what, now he has fears that his own body is going to betray that choice. How awful would that be. "Samuel T. Anders." It'd be funny if the T didn't stand for anything and he just now realized that. "MY WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE" okay this stuff is funnier in my head. LOL SAM IS TELLING EVERYONE WHERE HE WENT TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. omg THE RAIDER KNOWS, YOU GUISE. IT KNOWS!! Does this mean the Raiders have knowledge of the Final Five that the other Cylons don't? That'd be weird. I guess it's not like they can talk to the other Cylons. (OR CAN THEY?) BALTAR, THE CULT OF BALTAR IS WAITING FOR YOU. Oh god they even have a Shrine of Baltar. And he's just like "well, of course they do." Aww, Anders gets Kara's second hug. The fact that this show keeps giving their relationship second-fiddle status to the Lee and Kara show continues to annoy me. Head Six put on a business suit for some reason. (The wiki actually speculates that this is a ~symbolic reason~, that she's no longer interested in him sexually or whatever but is now just trying to get him to spread The Word.) Of course the Cult of Baltar is a Cult of Having Sex with Baltar. Ugh. Wait so they still have no way of identifying who's a Cylon and who's not? They can't like irradiate a<a href="http://qfbuadozoa.com"> tuisse</a> sample or check the blood for antibodies or whatever? Come on, after all the physical differences we've seen Cylons display different shape of the blood or whatever Gaius's reasoning for the cancer-fighting baby blood was, susceptibility to different kinds of radiation, susceptibility to that one virus that humans are immune to there HAS to be a way. Or just play her 'all along the watchtower' and see if she gets any weird feelings. Does Starbuck still have her tattoos? Or is she "brand new" like the Viper? That'd be a huge clue as to whether she's a Cylon or not, right? I assume if a Cylon got a tattoo on one body they wouldn't resurrect with it on another body, because the bodies are pre-made. Somehow. Adama's fake blue eyes look really fake in these shots. Blue eyes are supposed to be lighter, and you can't lighten someone's eyes by sticking blue contacts over them. It'd be like me, if I tried to dye my hair blue without bleaching it first. It'd be mostly brown with just some hints of blue-ishness. Wait, that'd actually be pretty awesome. If I weren't job hunting right now I would totally dye my hair blue. When Gaius is like "he can't have sinned against you, he's not even had a life yet," it makes me think of Stephen Fry: You can't just say, 'There's a God, because the world is beautiful.' You have to account for bone cancer in children. You have to account for the fact that almost all animals, in the wild, live under stress with not enough to eat, and will die violent and bloody deaths. There is not any way that you can just choose the nice bits and say, 'That means there is a God,' and ignore the true fact of what nature is. The wonder of nature must be taken in its totality. "I cut myself shaving." CLASSIC. "Is it possible that they grew me, another me, in a petri dish?" CHECK YOUR TATTOOS! Come on Kara. According to the wiki, the lines when Chief is yelling at everyone to get in their Vipers are all ad-libbed. The one that did make it in was "your momma isn't gonna save you today," or something like that, but his favorite was "drop your dicks and grab your sticks!" which was cut out for obvious reasons.
Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 09:41
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Guest written : 01.10.2013 - 00:17
No, I reserve the right to aeccpt the premise of the show and still reject as uninteresting and meaningless particularly sloppy and poorly conceived episodes within the show. Specifically, I find discussion of the moral and ethical questions raised by particularly poorly thought out episodes to be null. If they can't structure the episode in a manner that makes the scenario set up for the exploration of the ethical question a coherent scenario, then for me there is no interesting ethical question raised.Particularly in relation to questions of surrendering basic rights for some supposed greater good, for me one of the first and most important questions to ask is Is this sacrifice of basic rights absolutely necessary to achieve this supposed greater good? If the answer is no, then there is no need to explore whether the specific basic right is worth surrendering for the specific greater good proposed. If the show sets up a scenario in which a basic right must be surrendered for a greater good, but there are huge, gaping holes in the premise that giving up this basic right would actually help to achieve this greater good, then I am forced to stop at the first question and declare the scenario a failure for exploring the question of whether this would be a trade worth making. Particularly dumb complex ethical questions just aren't a good basis for working out anything interesting.On the other hand, I haven't watched that episode in some time, so I can't recall how much credibility the show attaches to Baltar's demographic analysis. If it isn't actually given a huge weight of certainty by the script, then I think this episode becomes better. One of the central points of the show, from the miniseries to the most recent episodes is that people in power manufacture Tuff Decisions for their own benefit. A significant aspect of the show is a critique of the US under Bush post-9/11. As a country, we traded away basic civil liberties on a lie that that would make us safe, that that was necessary to make us safe. Every time the ruling characters in the show claim that they must make the Tuff Decision and sacrifice someone else's needs for the greater good, we should not assume that they are right, or even that they are acting in good faith.Returning to the question of rejecting some nonsensical things even though I suspend disbelief for other nonsensical things, note also that the combat capabilities of Cylon raiders and Centurions is something that has remained relatively stable over the series. There may be some episodes where they suddenly start shooting like Storm Troopers, but I can't think of any episodes where that is core to the premise of the episode. Likewise, the inexplicable ability of the fleet to successfully resupply most of the time remains relatively stable through out the series. I may think that the fleet should be out of irreplaceable key resources by now or that the Raiders should have been much more successful in shooting down vipers all along, but the show declares over and over that that is not the case. I can either aeccpt the show's declarations or I can give up on the show. I like the show and neither of those nonsensical points (nor the existence of FTL drives, for that matter) are central to the thematic or narrative interest of the show, so I aeccpt those nonsensical points and move on. The show isn't about how cyborg robots aren't hugely more capable in combat than humans, it isn't about how a small fleet of extremely technologically advanced ships would be able to carry a sufficient supply of irreplaceable parts to be able to survive without resupply for several years, these are just background conveniences.On the other hand, Baltar's explanation of the demographics of the fleet in the abortion episode is directly contradicted by what is shown about how people in the fleet die in almost every other episode. Baltar's demographic prediction is wrong within the internal consistency of the series. In order to discuss whether the Tuff Decision Roslin made was the right decision, I am forced to consider whether this particular convenience that the writers introduced fits with anything they have established previously. In order to debate the questions the episode attempts to raise, I have to actively aeccpt that the thing the episode treats as true fits within the world that the show has established. The demographic question becomes central to the thematic and narrative point of the episode. To aeccpt that Baltar's prediction of the effect of banning abortion is accurate, I have to reject what I am shown in every other episode. Instead, I choose to believe that that particular episode was poorly conceived and executed. I'm happy to aeccpt nonsense that is necessary for the series, but I'm not willing to aeccpt nonsense that is required for a single episode and is nonsense in relation to the series consistency, not just in relation to our reality.


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