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MMORPG Po polsku Przeglądarkowe Strzelanki Sport Strategie

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Kategoria: MMORPG
Język: Angielski
PvP: No

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Japońska gra MMORPG w której graczowi przyjdzie wybrać jedną z 4 klas po czym wyrusz przemierzyć kolorowy świat i zmierzyć się z hordami krwiożerczych potworów.

Każda klasa jaką wybierzesz po osiągnięciu 40 poziomu może się przetransformować:

Explorer w Excavator’a lub w Sniper’a
Mercenary w Gradiator’a lub SwordMaster’a
Noble w Magic’a lub Magic Kinght’a
Saint w Shaman’a lub Priest’a

W czasie gry rozwijasz swoje umiejętności i zbierasz pieniądze aby stać się bogatym bohaterem. W Florensia produkujesz własne statki którymi ruszasz w bitwy. Każdy gracz może wybrać spośród 5 rodzaju statków a aby je wyprodukować potrzebuje różnych części które może zakupić lub przemierzyć cały świat na poszukiwaniu ich. Sprawdź jaki statek najbardziej ci odpowiada i wyrusz nim na bitwę ! Stań się prawdziwym bohaterem, ale pamiętaj ścieżka po jakiej stąpa bohater jest wyścielona niebezpieczeństwami.


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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 17:09
time and effort if I bowed out. One thing that has<a href="http://ynpamlr.com"> hpeled</a> me see things that way was when I did try to bow out of an item and I was told that by trying to not be selfish, I am actually being more selfish. By letting the other tank that isn't there as often get the good loot, I am not advancing and will not be as well-equipped to tank bigger, better mobs with bigger, better loot for the guild. If I can't do that and no other tanks are on, I'm holding the guild back. Yikes!It's an interesting adjustment, I will say. I used to never understand the hype about gear. +10 to a stat? Does that really make that much of a difference? Apparently it does! That's the one thing that has affected my opinion of loot the most: understanding that +10 str or block or dex can really make a difference.As far as how many points I spend vs. how many points another person spends when two months have gone by I assume in those two months we have all gotten better and the same mob is now not as tough and there is now better gear to attain. So from a logical standpoint, the gear just isn't worth 10 points anymore. Personally, I don't care if it's two months or two days. How many points another person spends, even if it's for the same item, doesn't bother me. That's just the way life goes let's say I paid $4 for a sandwich and they drop the price so now people only have to pay $2. I'm not going to go to the restaurant or deli or what have you and ask for my $2 back. Maybe some people might!Regarding the last three questions:4. When you make a decision to roll or spend points on loot is it an impulse or have you carefully planned what you wanted?Tank gear drops so infrequently it's not an impulse buy It's a necessity buy! I do however peruse item databases and have an idea of what uber loot drops where from whom, but I don't really keep track of it since if I did, I'd just set myself up for sad faces when that fantastic shield doesn't drop for the nth time5. Do you trust other players to award loot fairly or do you need to see some sort of tracking metric?Well, I trust the players with whom I raid, so I don't need to see it. If they tell me I'm in vote tier D then I'm in vote tier D. Now if I were in some sort of alliance of raid guilds using a centralized system and I didn't really know the people in charge of the loot system, yes I would want to see how the heck I am in tier D when I'm almost always present and rarely buy anything!6. Do you form a (meta)physical attachment to a particular item or will you part with it easily? Why or why not?Only if it's pretty/aesthetically pleasing to see on my character but that's what the Wardrobe slots are for! (I'm a girl, what can I say?)
Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 10:37
I know a lot of promises have been made but for me a MMORPG is a No No thing. I have been to rehab once and I'm not going back into that world Best rgeards,Sasha_ http://ymbcqquhlna.com [url=http://gwsytxk.com]gwsytxk[/url] [link=http://fxtjtk.com]fxtjtk[/link]
Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 03:59
Guild Wars is still free to play iirc, but it'll never be as good as WoW. You can't spare a32 a week? That's less than a sandwich or a<a href="http://fabwesijwm.com"> gssloy</a> magazine.
Guest written : 01.10.2013 - 06:17
Ahem I don't normally admit this but in aditdion to being a Church Geek I'm an avid online gamer. I don't discuss it much in Church given the classic' view of Christians for D&D and all its derivatives.I began online gaming over 20 years ago, and have only been saved for 2 years and while I'm no expert I can certainly give you an insider's perspective to the world of online gaming, if you'd like to shoot me an email. Thanks I think you're on to something here and good luck!


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