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League of Legends

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Kategoria: MMORPG
Język: Angielski
PvP: No

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Jest to pierwsza gra studia Riot Games jest ona sieciowym, drużynowym Action-RPG’iem. Przeważnie w grach RPG chodzi o przemierzanie ogromnego świata którego w tej grze niestety nie zobaczymy, zamiast tego szykują się bitwy na kilka osób w których aby wgrać musimy pokonać wszystkich wrogów stojących nam na drodze do zniszczenia budowli wroga i co najważniejsze tzw: „Nexusa” gdy po owej konstrukcji pozostaną jedynie zgliszcza szala zwycięstwa przechyli się na stronę drużyny która doprowadziła do zniszczenia budowli.

Środowisko gry to magiczny świat Valoran który od wielu lat trawi wojna po ogromie zniszczeń rywalizujące państwa postanawiają walczyć ze sobą w inny (mniej krwawy) sposób. Otóż przedstawiciele każdego państwa utworzą tytułową League of Legends od tej pory gdy państwa nie zgadzają się w jakiejś sprawie wysyłają kilku swoich przedstawicieli do walki z przedstawicielami innego państwa, a państwo które wygra góruje w danym sporze.

Gra dysponuje bardzo duża liczbą Chempion’ów w których możemy się wcielać podczas walki, każdy z nich jest wyjątkowy i każdy posiada własne sztuki „Perswazji” w ogniu walki, np.: Anne to 5-6 letnia dziewczynka która włada bardzo potężna magią mroku, czy Sion nie-umarły wojownik.

Każdy gracz zaczyna od stworzenia swojego Summonera (Awatara) którego wygląd można sobie dostosować.
Summoner nie bierze bezpośredniego udziału w walkach, wysyła on swoich chempion’ów do walki za państwo, podczas gdy on wspiera ich swymi mocami.


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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 08:14
1. When you are awarded a piece of gear do you feel it is a rraewd or something you have won?I feel that the item I got shows status of what I have killed so when people inspect my character they go hey you killed soandso good job! . so that in itself is rraewding to have people admire your pixils.2. What purpose does loot serve in your MMORPG experience? How important is it to your play style? Why?Depends on the game but mostly because I need to expand my characters power if its a tank character i want to take less damage, if its a healer I want to heal less but still be as effective, if i am dps (as in rift) i want my name to be numero uno the parse, why?, because everybody has a goal and competition is healthy if nobody competed then there would be hardly any advancment.3. Is it fair if you paid ten points for an item that someone else paid five points for two months later? Why or why not?Not really a fair question when you are missing the variable of why did the item decrease in value and is the loot system designed to handle devaluing of loot without screwing people over. If the system is auctioned then yes by all means its fair because the players deside how much the item is worth to them. If the items are a set price and there is a devalue system setup then its fair but that is uber complicated and could be abused or looked at as favortism in order to thwart that one would need to have a list of every item that can drop and its price with a max price at the top and as new items are added that are deemed greater then the other items drop. Otherwise no its not fair to willynilly change an item price or give it away when other have paid out the nose for it thus keeping those core players who spent points lower then the others who wait around.4. When you make a decision to roll or spend points on loot is it an impulse or have you carefully planned what you wanted?Both, I make a list of what I have, and want. I also have a goal and then work back from that goal (the goal is in line with the guild or group of players I am with) if the guild is currently killing GSB I wont consider HK loot in my list thats how i deside. The impulse comes when I see something that is not on my list but has something that might help out in another fight such as losing 8 spell power to gain +10 focus even though I am waiting for a ring that is +12sp and +20focus, the increase in the focus would help me gear for HK but seeing thats not the goal at the moment then I am not going to waste points on the item.5. Do you trust other players to award loot fairly or do you need to see some sort of tracking metric?You have to have trust, if you dont trust the people you are playing with then you might as well go play in traffic. However my first instinct is if I feel like something isnt right I do the due dilligance myself then present the issue.6. Do you form a (meta)physical attachment to a particular item or will you part with it easily? Why or why not?depends on the item, in EQ1 I still have my cleric gear from the Plane of Fear (yes, fear before they had Hate) and I still keep my ranger in Tolan Darkwood armor why because rangers wear plate! even though hes been to the plane of time and slaughter gods I formed an attachment to those specific items.however in rift its a different beast, I keep some items that have compareable stats if the item replacing something is far greater were I know I wont use it again (eg a item that increases all the current stats that I am replacing) then I will simply breakdown or sale the item replaced even if the item was from Green Scale and it was awared to me on the first kill. (exception is an item that looks cool for appearance reasons)-Q
Guest written : 04.04.2013 - 16:56
moj cioteczny brat w nią gra ja też bym chciał


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