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MMORPG Po polsku Przeglądarkowe Strzelanki Sport Strategie

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Kategoria: Przeglądarkowe
Język: Angielski
PvP: No

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Darmowa strategiczna gra przegrądarkowa rozgrywająca się w czasach średniowiecza gre stworzyła firma Evony, LLC.

Gra rozgrywa się w wymyślonym świecie który przypomina średniowieczną Europę. Gracz wciela się w wodza plemienia który musi wyprowadzić swoich podwładnych na szczyt.
Na początku gdy na gracza czeka samouczek który uczy go podejmowania trudnych decyzji oraz radzenia sobie w bezlitosnym świecie. Zabawę rozpoczynamy z posiadając 5000 sztuk złota, ratusz, mało surowców oraz 7 dniową ochronę ze strony gry, przez 7 dni od rejestracji nikt nie może cię zaatakować, jest to czas na udoskonalenie gospodarki, zebranie armii i powiększenie liczy twoich poddanych. Po upływie 7 dni prędzej czy później zaczną się ataki ze strony innych graczy którzy łakną twoich ziem.


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Guest written : 05.10.2013 - 10:19
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Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 07:39
Need an MMORPG like Guild Wars but with non-combat skills, not WoW?I'm sorry, but I found WoW briong, unappealing, and unattractive when I tried it, say nothing about my server being shut down. As far as MMORPG's go, my favorite by far has been Guild Wars. However, Runescape's non-combat skills are a good concept Runescape just isn't the right game to use them on. I want a good, fairly current, decent quality MMORPG where you can use non-combat skills to make money, such as fishing or crafting of some sort. Basically, something similar to what would happen if Guild Wars adopted Runescape's skills (more or less).Other than GW and RS, I've also tried at some point or another:Maplestory (Horrible in so many ways, as expected. I need to stop taking my friends' advice.)Adventure Quest (Does that even COUNT?)2Moons (The bloody mess sort of thing is fun and different but otherwise it's a fairly mediocre game at best.)Sword of the New World (It sounded a lot better than it actually was. Boring and uninteresting)Don't bother suggesting anything that is really 2d or 3d but with horrible graphics. I also don't want suggestions such as Eve online. I, for some reason, don't like playing games involving space ships and aliens and such (Crysis was mildly tolerable but a whole mmorpg based off of spaceships? Heck no.) I want to play as a human, or at least something fairly humanlike.So, any suggestions? A link to a website and/or screenshots/gameplay videos, etc would be appreciated. Get me a new favorite MMORPG, all my stars are belong to you!Alec F, I like how you're seemingly acting like you asked the question. It's odd that you're telling me what the game can and can't be. I'm the one asking the question, not you. Yes, it has to be an MMORPG, that's what I'm looking for. I don't like RTS, so I'm not going to force myself to play one. As for the first bit of your answer, I don't. For some idiotic reason, you seem to be assuming that I'm still playing those games. If I was still playing those games, why would I be looking for a new one, and why would I say at some point or another ?The closest thing you had to an answer was reccomending ign.com as if I've never been there and Stumbled there numerous times. Thanks for basically suggesting that I go look for one on my own. I'm asking people because I want to know a specific type of MMORPG with specific features, something that would be a bit hard to replicate in, say, a Google search.I have tried Second Life. I'm too lazy for that game, though. And, no, that's not an MMORPG.It doesn't look like Darkfall is even out yet. Any details on what exactly is going on there, if I should be able to play, what?And what ever happened to Fury?Tyler, I'm sorry, but your logic and your English are both so horrible, I actually feel sad for anyone that asks for your advice. I have to consider the possibility that you are far too young to be on Yahoo! Answers.Saying that Guild Wars isn't an MMORPG is just ignorant and has little to no evidence supporting it. As with Adventure Quest, you can play with other people if you pay for it apparently. The last half of your so-called answer was fairly incomprehensible. What you appear to be doing is saying that there are no other free mmorpgs, and that WoW and GW are the only free choices. WoW isn't free by any means, and GW you still have to buy, and there are free mmorpgs. Next time, please rethink your wording, among other things.


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